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Thank you for joining House of the Blood Rose!

Below are some conduct guidelines for our guild members. If you have questions, please ask - we're here to help.

Have fun.
This is first and foremost, a game. Any guild member seen/heard being rude, mean, condescending, or otherwise offensive toward another player will be warned by an Officer (1st offense), removed from Ops/PvP availability for a week (2nd offense), removed/banned from guild (3rd offense).

Alternate Characters.
You are allowed to have multiple alternate characters in the guild

Ventrilo “Vent” channel
We encourage the use of Ventrilo. The details of our Vent channel can be found here on our website, or in the Guild Details in-game. The use of the Vent channel is required for participation in Guild Events. And please, no group activities in the Lounge.The Lounge for general gathering and discussion.It makes us feel uncomfortable to chat, while your discussing boss/pvp tactics.When running content with a group, please move to an appropriate, open channel for your team discussions.

Out of guild arguments.

Do not involve the guild in personal problems. If someone has a problem with you that concerns the guild, please forward them to the leaders, who will handle the problem. If you have a problem with someone, discuss it with the guild first before starting a fight. Sometimes things are not as bad as they might occur while you are angry.You have to remember that everything you do with our guildtag attached to your name reflects back on to the guild. Respect the other players you play with and respect your guildmates. Bashing of individuals and/or guilds in any public channels will not be tolerated under any circumstances. When you communicate with other players, do so in an adult manner. This also applies to social networks, forums, conventions and anything where you can be identified as a member of the guild.

Domestic arguments.

Even though we are the best of friends this will happen sooner or later, if this happens do not leave the guild in anger, try to talk it out at first and direct the issue to the leader who will handle the problem. If the problem cannot be solved the leader will take the proper actions.


Please keep up to date with the information in the forums on this site. Information helpful to leveling, Flashpoints, and Operations will be frequently updated.

Leaving the guild.

If you are unhappy with something or someone in the guild, please contact an Officer and we will attempt to work with you to resolve the issue. Please keep issues out of Guild Chat and General Chat.

Best Regards!
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